Tottie Aarvold

Photo Story Editor

Tottie's photographs, for this issue, capture, profoundly, the sense of absence, and the trace left, of human presence within the most intimate of built environments, the domestic interior. Those traces, the mirror for no-one, the emptied  wardrobe in a house where no-one lives, speak powerfully of the people who were once there  and hint at  possible histories.  We don't know when the person left the building, but we know they have.  That they aren't coming back.  We don't know who chose the mirror, the bedspread, the tiles and the wallpaper but those choices suggest a time, a gender and an age; they bring to mind, vividly, the act and process of homemaking and thoughts of home and family. 

Artefacts, relics of the ordinary, the familiar, the quotidian are curated by the artist and her camera, and her photographs, in their stillness, echo the  emptiness of the abandoned space and articulate the particularities of lives lived, lives left. Acting, in just the same way as a still life, a momento mori - a reflection on mortality.

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