WOJO, launched in November 2017, celebrates and explores the  lives and interests of grown up women.

Intelligent and visually exciting, WOJO investigates the female gaze and the rich diversity of the female voice.

Privileging the experience of women whose interests and capacities are wide-ranging and deep, yet are sometimes excluded from popular media.

With regular articles about life, art, love, food and the environment as well as style, interviews  and new writing, WOJO is the online magazine for engaged and curious women everywhere.
Each issue of WOJO will be themed by its main feature;  in this issue, we're talking about Death and Bereavement; in the next we'll be discussing Good Girls and Sluts.

November 2017



Between Despair and Distraction; Narratives of Grief

Talking about death: In a year in which so many of us have experienced the death of someone close to us, but bereavement is still a difficult subject to discuss, Celia Johnson introduces four personal stories that inform a deeper understanding of bereavement and grief.

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T​he Death of Desire

 Emma Rawlins talks to two women about dealing with the loss of desire in a relationship.  
'Ever since I was 2 or 3 I have masturbated.  My parents were very good and they used to say ‘you can’t do it in the dining room darling, you’ll have to go upstairs and do it in the bedroom, that’s the right place for it’.
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 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ The Abject Body

 Natalie Ramus talks about her work and interests.
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Comfort Food to Suit the Season

Gill Fothergill shares her recipes for  Comfort Food :  Seasonal, healthy and delicious food that offers an edible hug and looks towards coming festivities.
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The Last Days

Are these really the last days of life on earth as we know it; what is the legacy for our children and what can we do about it?  Wendy Cotton considers our choices and how to live with predictions of an environmental dystopia.
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​Image by David England

Street Style

For grown ups

Helen Finch documents the style of grown up women on the streets of London, and talks to the women who wear it well.
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Life & Style; Wojo Profile

Jenny Ellerton:  Fine Artist, County Tennis Player and Coach, Wife, Mother and Grandmother, talks to Celia Johnson about her life and style.

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Only in the dark behind my eyelids
Is it safe
to carefully lift your hand
Kiss it with salt tears, hold it against my cheek and long for you...

New Writing: The Legacy of Loss

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