Celia Johnson
Founder and Editor-in-chief

Celia is a single mum, an artist and a lecturer.

"​​​​​​​​​​WOJO is an extension of my collaborative  creative practice; its development allows me to fulfill a twenty year ambition to create a women's magazine for grown ups; for women who share feminist values, who are passionate about their families, their work and their communities;   who are interested in the arts and are engaged,and want to connect, with the world around them."

"Through WOJO conversations about creativity, memory, homemaking and identity that inform my artpractice can be continued and expanded through different media, with diverse perspectives and in a different context."

Celia makes work that investigates place, memory and identity.  Part of the Walking Women's Network, she’s particularly interested in the performative and gendered practice of making walk based work. 

Currently she’s collaborating with Nat to make a series of Full Moon Walks at The Sidney Nolan Trust, developing work about migration and homemaking,  and working on a series of paintings that explore the way in which memory and imagination inform the experience of place. 

And developing WOJO.